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On the Trail off the Hum?

On our homepage we discuss externally existing hum-tones and a form of tinnitus (low-frequency tinnitus), which manifests as a low-pitched hum. This special form of tinnitus can be triggered by externally existing, measurable hum-tones.

Plenty of information and explanation on the topic of acoustic sound is already available on the internet. Therefore, on these pages, we would like to focus on the determination of the hum-tone frequency, the comparison of externally existing acoustic sound events in your local environment with individually perceived hum-tone frequency by using the Spectroid app as well as the recognition of the special form of „triggered“ low-frequency tinnitus, which is still relatively unknown and not well researched.

If you suffer from the perception of a hum-tone, temporarily or continuously, you will find further information and advice on our homepage.

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